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Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022
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With 2022 behind us, it’s time we look forward to what can make of these 12 months in 2022. Although we spent the last year fighting a pandemic, yet there is so much to look forward to in the marketing landscape. One of the most exciting aspects of this year is its growing digital marketing needs like never before. As more people found the time to spend time online, social media became more important than ever.

Most notably, the E-commerce industry went booming through the roof as more people found the time to indulge in online shopping. Moreover, most of the credit goes to social media platforms and their growing daily use. Not only these platforms allowed products and services to be available at one click but changed the overall dynamics of the digital world. As social platforms become the new norm, so does the need to adapt to new strategies that keep up with the latest trends.

Therefore, with this blog, we’ve put together some of the top social media marketing trends that will continue to permeate through 2021.

  • YouTube Marketing      85%
  • Facebook Marketing     73%
  • Twitter Marketing         34%
  • Instagram Marketing    45%
  • Pinterest Marketing      70%
  • Snapchat Marketing      24%
  • TikTok Marketing          60%

Video Content is Here to Stay

Video content is one of the most appealing forms of content and will continue to dominate social media. Whether it is a short Instagram or TikTok video or a long-form content type like YouTube, videos will never go out of trend.

If you haven’t found a way to make your online presence engaging with video content, it is time you include them in your content strategy. Therefore, you can start by designing creating posts and advertisements including images, texts, and videos.

Video Marketing, YouTube Marketing, ticktok marketing
Video Content & Youtube Marketing

Local Targeting will become Widespread – Social Media Marketing

Just like local SEO is used to ensure the local businesses get people in their local proximity to find their page/website. Similarly, many brands these days attract local audiences by geo-tagging their posts and stories. This simply means as you add locations to your content, it will show up in the search results, helping local people see your brand.

However, location-based targeting works well for businesses seeking to attract the right audiences.

Live Streams and the Influencer Culture – Social Media Marketing

With the pandemic at its peak, events were canceled and accessibility became a problem. This lack of social engagement leads to an uptick of people turning to live video streams and influencer culture. Moreover, people realized the importance of human-driven content and the impact it can have on its viewers.

With this influencers took to the social media platforms to promote events, drop podcasts, and support causes they support. One thing we’re sure of is this virtual connection building is here to stay and there’s no going back.

Live Streaming, Influencer Marketing, Live Streaming

Purpose-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Audiences expect brands to back up meaningful campaigns that speak for social issues. As a brand, you must remember to drive campaigns that support a cause. Therefore, rather than exploiting your audiences for marketing opportunities, leverage your campaigns to highlight issues that need attention.

Presenting Content through Social Media Marketing

As highlighted earlier, social media has grown to be part of our daily lives like never before. More importantly, the idea of sharing content through short stories is something we all know is not going out of trend anytime soon. The use of Instagram/WhatsApp stories has been dominant since the previous year and they seem to outperform photos. Therefore, brands need to make sure they have an organized approach to plan their marketing campaigns around it.

Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing

Over to you – Social Media Marketing

The unpredictability of last year’s events has forced us to adapt to changing trends and needs. As a marketer, you’ll always find a way to design social strategies in accordance with the latest trends.

However, these are just a few social trends to watch out for that will help shape the virtual landscape in 2021. It’s time you reap benefits from these changing trends and grab attention for your brand. Sponsor by Private Airport Transfers Dundee