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It is the desire of many companies to increase the number of people who visit their websites, but few guarantee that their websites can be utilized by everyone by making their website accessible. As a result, many firms are forced to restrict site traffic and risk losing out on new clients here at DccScotland our web development bristol team always prioritizes our clients and drives the best results for them.

There are many millions of individuals who have accessibility requirements, and it is critical that website owners be aware of these needs and offer a good experience for everybody.

Impairments that may need website accessibility include:

  • There is a visual impairment.
  • Loss of hearing
  • Physical or mental impairments that affect one’s ability to do everyday tasks.
  • Sufferers of photosensitive seizures
  • People with mental impairments (i.e. dementia and dyslexia)

Accessible websites enable people with disabilities to enjoy your website in the same way as everyone else and that’s what our web development bristol and surrounding areas team take care of.

The Importance of an Accessible Website – Web Development Bristol

Web design bristol

All clients, no matter where or how they access the site, should have a favorable experience when they visit a successful website. A wide range of assistive technologies is used by persons with disabilities to use the internet, including voice recognition software, screen readers, and Braille devices.

These people may not be able to visit your site in the manner it was intended, or perhaps at all if you don’t have sufficient safeguards in place. The design and usability of your website may be improved by making it accessible to all visitors, including those with impairments.

In order to increase the number of repeat clients, you need to make your website accessible to as many people as possible. In fact, 82% of consumers with accessibility issues would increase their purchases if websites were more accessible.

Even more, having an accessible website might help you stand out from your competition. Making your website accessible is a no-brainer, regardless of the advantages, it brings to your business.

How to create an accessible website – Web Development Bristol?

  • Keyboard friendly.

Customers who are blind or have limited vision must rely on a keyboard to use the internet. It is important to ensure that your website is compatible with screen readers and other applications that do not need a mouse for navigation.

In order for keyboard users to maintain track of where they are on a page, keyboard focus indicators are essential.

For aesthetic reasons, it’s often eliminated, rendering a website unavailable to a sizable portion of its intended audience. Make sure your site has an active focus indication and even keyboard navigation alternatives to further simplify the user experience.

  • Make sure your photos have alt text

If a visitor cannot view your site’s pictures, you may use alt text to explain them to them. Users with visual impairments may benefit from adding it to photos, graphics, and movies.

  • Aim for universal accessibility for all material – Web Development Bristol

It may be difficult for screen readers to read dynamic information since they only read the site as it appears when it initially loaded. Inspect your site’s dynamic content to make sure it’s as easily accessible as the rest of the site’s material.

For screen readers, ARIA landmarks are qualities that assist them to find their way around your site. You should test your site on a variety of browsers and devices before making any major changes to see how well it works.

  • Use the headers correctly – Web Development Bristol

In addition to giving pages a sense of order and structure, headers also help screen readers read aloud a page’s information with more accuracy. In addition, it aids those who are blind in making reading choices.

As a rule of thumb, use just one H1 per page and utilize H2s and H3s to break up large blocks of content.

  • Pay attention to the colors you choose – Web Development Bristol

Consider your brand’s color palette when choosing a color combination. Try to use dark text on a light backdrop and use colors with the most contrast possible.

Have trouble deciding which colors to incorporate? Contrast Ratio Checker and Color Blindness Simulators may be used to experiment with different color combinations.

  • Allow for the resizing of the text – Web Development Bristol

It’s possible that users may choose to enlarge the text on their device or browser for a variety of reasons. Take these modifications into consideration and make sure that your site can manage them. Pages may respond to the preferences of the device or browser they are being viewed on by adding responsive text and this can easily be catered by our web design Bristol team.

If you want visitors to be able to browse your site using the tab key, you need to make sure that all fields and drop-down options in a form are accessible. Each field should be labeled correctly, placed next to its corresponding field, and given clear instructions as a best practice

Web development bristol

Ensure Ease of Access – Web Development Bristol

If your website isn’t easily navigable, your customers won’t have a pleasant experience when they arrive at your site. More individuals may be reached and converted into consumers if your website is more accessible.

You should do an audit of your website to check for the following issues:

  • Navigating with the help of the keyboard
  • An image’s alt text
  • Content, forms, and text that are dynamically responsive
  • Black color ratio white color

Make a start and test your website using screen readers, among other tools, to discover what changes are needed to make it more user-friendly and hence attract more clients.

Do you need assistance determining whether or not your website is user-friendly? For additional information, see our website audit and review service.