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Top 5 Cheapest VPN Deal, Mobile Proxy 2022
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  • January 27, 2022
  • Category: VPN

It might come to you as a surprise but the cheapest VPN Service in the UK is in the running for being the best overall. While some VPN providers may charge inflated for substandard products, there are a plethora of cheapest VPN services that will surprise you. Free Google Chrome VPN Extension  30 days of free trial.

Moreover, with these rock bottom prices, they offer seriously impressive performance. Having a good VPN service these days is in no way overestimated. After all, there are plenty of reasons to get one – hackers trying to track you down, governments and organizations spying on you, blocking certain content based on your location.


Although there are many free VPN options out there, a fast and secure VPN comes with a price. However, these prices can vary across industries and regions, which is why we at Dundee Computers took our time to look into those on the lower end of the price.

Best PureVPN Cheapest VPN Service in 20202 – Cheapest VPN ?

There are the best cheapest VPN services in 2021 for you. Visit our list of Top Cheapest VPN Services or Proxy Network for mobile and pc.

VPNNo. ServersServer LocationDevices SupportPrice
CyberGhost VPN6800+1117$10/month
Nord VPN 5460+596$11.59/month
Hotspot VPN1800+805$12.99/month


Here is the List of Cheap VPN for Mobile Devices

1. SurfShark

Enjoy a fast and stable VPN to access worldwide. Get a cheap SurfShark cheap VPN Network and save your money connecting as many devices as you like for less than $2.5.

  • Number of servers: 3200+
  • Server locations: 65
  • Maximum devices supported: Unlimited

Buy Now SurfShark cheap VPN Network, VPN, Cheap VPN


Budget VPNs don’t have to be feature-free and compromise on security. And, SurfShark is proof of that. Therefore, there’s a good reason it is number one on our list of VPNs.  ou get unlimited simultaneous device connections, unblocked geo-restricted content, an extensive range of servers, and many other handy Camouflage features for added secrecy. The provider’s apps are available for Windows, Mac, Android, and support custom installation on game consoles.

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN  for the UK With a large range of server networks and feature-packed. If you want to browse in the UK. Get CyberGhost UK based VPN for free. If you want to get the best VPN google chrome extensions to get CyberGhost VPNs extension.

  • Number of servers: 6,800+
  • Server locations: 111
  • Maximum devices supported: 7

CyberGhost VPN Network & Proxy


CyberGhost is a capable VPN service with a highly configurable Windows client, packed with features. They are easy to use as well as wide platform support. While it is not as cheap as SurfShark, CyberGhost will give users an outstandingly fast and secure service. Still, wondering? CyberGhost gives you a trial period of one day for Windows and one week for iOS or Android. Check it out for yourself.

3. NordVPN

A VPN veteran with impeccable features at an affordable price. NordVPN works all around the world. Their premium package is very good we have used it. I will recommend you to by starting a package from $3.49 with mobile VPN Support.

  • Number of servers: 5,460+
  • Server locations: 59
  • Maximum devices supported: 6


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NordVPN cheap VPN service provides you a secure, encrypted tunnel so no one can get hands-on with your internet data. Moreover, it is recognized as being the cheapest in the industry yet includes everything you seek in a VPN. Furthermore, it provides superior services at a price of $3.71/month. In fact, you can test this all for yourself thanks to their 30-day refund policy.

4. Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN is best for public virtual private network service. The hotspot is the best VPN for  Live streaming, VPN for Gaming, VPN for browsing, etc. Get Free Hotspot Shield VPN to google chrome extensions 1-month free trial. Feature-packed VPN with a cheap price tag and limited free options.

  • Number of servers: 1,800+
  • Server locations: 80+
  • Maximum devices supported: 5

Hotspot Shield VPN, Free VPN, Paid VPN, VPN for UK, VPN for USA, VPN for Europe


One of the major advantages Hotspot Shield holds over other cheap VPNs is it offers a chunk of its services for free. The free tier includes 500MB of VPN traffic per day and one VPN location (US). But if you’re seeking more, the paid option at $2.99/month could be good to go. Moreover, they provide you a generous 45 days for a refund. Try it yourself.

5. Private Internet Access

A classic for mobile devices. PIA VPN is the cheapest VPN for mobile devices like VPN for android, VPN for mac book, VPN for tabs, etc. The best feature of PIA VPN is that they provide all available networks in a 1/month of free support. you can browse anywhere in the world in the free package.

  • Number of servers: 20,270+
  • Server locations: 76
  • Maximum devices supported: 10

VPN, VPN network, cheap vpn, best vpn, vpn deals

Private Internet Access (PIA) offers a great deal under its low price tag. The offering includes apps for the most popular platforms and extensions for browsers. Additionally, the platform can be enabled on certain routers and you can run as many as 10 devices simultaneously.

That said, some downsides to this VPN are the lack of access to the likes of Netflix and BBC iPlayer. If that doesn’t bother you, you can always test ride the VPN for a 30-day period.

How to Get the Cheapest VPN for Life Time – Cheapest VPN Deal

we recommended you to buy PureVPN if you want to permanently use it to secure your network and browser worldwide. If you want to get a discount on PureVPN. Click on the PureVPN Coupon code or banner and get an 88% discount on VPN December 2020 deals


Conclusion – Cheapest VPN

With our list of cheapest VPNs available in the market and across the UK, we also suggest you take a test ride to see what works best for you. We check over millions of products every day to pick out the best ones for you. So, get all the updates from any tech-related products that matter to you.