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Privacy Policy - 1 DCC Scotland Expert Privacy Policy

At DCCScotland we take your privacy seriously and want to be transparent about how we will use your data.


Our grounds for processing your personal data

We will handle your personal data to give you the services and information you demand from us and to manage your inquiry.

By completing forms, messaging us or utilizing our services, and giving us your data, we trust you are communicating an interest in our services. Hence we’d prefer to reach you in the future with other data, and about different services we offer, that we accept will be pertinent and important to you and your association in a real limit.


Usage and Storage of your data

The data you give will be put away in an outsider advertising instrument which will permit us to assemble a profile of you and your association, empowering us to send custom-made interchanges and serve custom-made site content to you later on. During this interaction, individual information might be moved outside of the EEA to an outsider confirmed consistent with the EU-U.S. Security Shield. The data you give might be connected to different information (for instance how you peruse our site, which content you demand, which email joins you click on) which will permit us to more readily comprehend your inclinations, determined to give you a superior, more pertinent experience. To do this, the little fish site utilizes cookies– to get what this implies and how this influences you if it’s not too much trouble, read our Cookie Policy.

Just as cookies we utilize an IP address following device to distinguish associations visiting our site. At the point when you peruse our site, we utilize an outsider device that looks into your IP address against their data set of organization IP addresses – if the outsider distinguishes your organization, it informs us and discloses to us which pages you visit. The outsider data set additionally contains the names of important hierarchical contacts. At the point when we build up that there is an interest, in light of the pages you visit and existing information we hang on your association, and our experience of comparable associations utilization of our administrations, we will utilize existing information we hold and additionally freely accessible information (for instance open online media information) to endeavor to contact the most suitable individual, to guarantee your association has all the data it needs about our services and give any further help required.


The sharing of your data

We won’t impart your personal information to other apps.

We won’t ever sell or rent your information to any outsiders.

We will treat your information with similar regard as we would want our very own information to be dealt with.

We might buy information from outsiders who have suitable and consistent individual information assortment, security, support, sharing, and control systems set up. For this situation, we cautiously select just organizations who we accept are almost certain to be keen on our services, and just contacts who we believe are ready to take responsibility, in the acquisition of these services. We will just impart services that we accept will be applicable and important to individuals and associations as an authentic interest. On the off chance that you accept your information has been given to us without your assent or you don’t really accept that we ought you to reach us on the grounds of real interest, email: [email protected]


Accessing and editing the data we hold

You can obviously change your inclinations and quit a few, or all future interchanges whenever, in our inclinations page, by messaging us at [email protected] or by tapping the withdraw button which shows up in the entirety of our email correspondences. Kindly remember that doing as such may restrict our capacity or keep us from giving data about services applicable to your association.

You reserve the option to get to your data. On the off chance that you might want to demand a duplicate of your data or might want to change the data, we hold about you kindly email [email protected].