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How to Write a Successful Blog Post - 6 Simple Steps
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Writing a blog or Writing SEO Optimized Blog Post is like cooking a dish from all your heart and hoping everybody likes it or at least taste it. However, the only difference between your connoisseurs here is not your family member or friends but our very own search engines. But, trust me search engines are not that easy to impress! If you’re seeking to write a blog post that is recognized by search engines and reaches a ton of people, this is the guide for you.

In today’s blog, we will share top tips and tricks for composing a blog post that is not only great but will bring in a lot of traffic. So, let’s dive right in!

Do you know How to Write a Blog Post?

Before we jump into the art of crafting a blog post, we better know what it is. Blogging article writing is different from each but has long been on the internet to find their significance.

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Writing a Blog Post: Content is King

In simple words, a blog is an online journal or an opinion shared on any subject over the web. There can be many reasons to write a blog post such as to grab user attention, solve customer queries, personal motivation, business projects, and rank your website, blogging. However, some of the main purposes of a blog are to connect you with your audience and turn them into potential customers. Therefore, the more frequent and relevant your blog posts are the higher the chances for your website to be recognized by search engines.

Now that you’re well aware of what a blog post is and should be, let’s look at some strategies to optimize it.

Decide Your Topic

Try to choose a topic that provides your readers with the information they are looking for and is relevant to your niche. The next question is how exactly do you pick the right topic?  It’s simple.

It may sound a bit cliché but it’s always a win if you blog about topics you are passionate about. Once you know what you love, doing your research becomes a cakewalk. Moreover, try to attain relevant knowledge if you’re seeking to write articles for readers in a particular niche you haven’t written before. In general, you don’t want to be someone just choosing repetitive topics and not solving your customer queries. Therefore, choosing a topic that is relevant, knowledgeable, and drives your passion is all that you need.

Recognize your Audience

Before you jump into writing your post, it’s absolutely necessary to understand who you are writing for. You can do this by asking yourself a few questions like:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What query are you trying to solve through your post?
  • What should be their final takeaway?

As you answer these questions, they will help you build a buyer persona that your blog post must target and focus on topics that your audience is looking for.

Recognize your Audience, Find your Nich, digital marketer,
Recognize your Audience

Pick a Compelling Headline

Once you’re well aware of who you are writing for, it’s time you pick a topic that resonates with your audience. However, a common mistake many bloggers fall into is giving away too much with their headlines. So, remember your headlines are like a sailor on a boat. They let you navigate through your writing and allow readers to reach their destination easily and effectively. But, here’s the catch!

If you want to engage your audience, spend some time crafting headlines that lure readers and leave them eager for advice. Trust us that a little bit of curiosity will bring more clicks and catch your audience’s attention.

For example, let’s say you blog about attracting people to your business and you wrote:

Write a Blockbuster Blog Post,
Write a Blog Post: Compelling Headline

How to Write an SEO Optimized Blog Post?

Here is 5 simple step to a writing blog post, Remember these steps before start writing your blog post.

  1. Pic most trending blogging topic
  2. Creat short & attractive heading
  3. Write a short induction paragraph
  4. Use the attractive image to attract your visitors
  5. Include conclusion at the end of your blog post

5 Ways to Attract People to Your Business

This headline is just about fine if you expect your readers to be conventional and follow a proven formula. To step it up, you may have to a bit out of the way to trigger that curiosity. Perhaps use something like this:

Do your Research

One of the biggest realities you may face as a writer is you don’t know everything. Truth be told, sometimes we don’t know anything about a topic before we sit down to write it. Therefore, this doesn’t mean you are playing with your audience. On the contrary, as a blogger you know exactly where to start and are comfortable with doing your research. Thereupon, it goes without saying, checking your facts and information before writing is a must.

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Do Keyword Research

Write an Engaging Induction Paragraph

Just as your title leaves a first impression on your readers, it’s just not the only thing that compels your readers to continue reading. That’s where your well-crafted introduction paragraph will come into use. The engaging introduction paragraph or Marketing Content help you to get audience attraction. However, on the contrary, a weak and generic intro can put off your readers and lose the overall significance of your blog post.

So, how do you lead your readers into a blog post? The idea is pretty simple yet effective. Make it brief, interesting, and to the point. While these are just a few elements to keep in mind, there’s so much you can think of. For instance, leaving your audience with a little bit of curiosity keeps them hooked to explore your blog post further. On the contrary, going for the conventional methods of writing can leave your readers bored and impact the overall idea of engaging them. Therefore, giving your audience a dose of curiosity will not only grab their attention but win their trust to read further.

Be Conscious of Your SEO Strategy

As you write your SEO blog post, you must not forget the overall reason for crafting a blog. Yes, you want to optimize your SEO  game. Search engines love content that is unique and brings value to readers. So, first and foremost is you cover topics that truly deliver value and can be counted as a helpful resource.

Moreover, you should pay attention to incorporate keywords that people often search and remember to use as naturally as possible.

SEO Strategy, Blogging, Write SEO Content
SEO Strategy

Use Internal Linking

Just as we speak of notching up your SEO strategy, there’s something many bloggers neglect within that. Yes, it’s internal linking. An internal link connects one page of your website to another page of your website. Just like I am linking one blog post to another blog post with keywords, Click on the link “SEO Service UK” You will be redirected to our SEO Service Page. So, you may ask, how does it link to an optimized blog post? Websites tend to have an overall architecture and if your website has strong internal links, Google crawler has an easier time logically understanding your content.

internal linking, SEO, Content writing
Internal Linking

Therefore, a user reading through your blog post may look for another topic that reinforces that topic and that is where internal linking comes into use.


Make Use of Images and Illustrations

Like we say, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” Oftentimes, people simply lose interest in lengthy blog posts without some visual stimulation. In fact, a well-crafted blog post can send your readers snooze without the use of images. Images can help illustrate the points you are trying to make and grab the reader’s attention for a longer time.

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Blogging, blog concepts & keyboard

Conclude your Blog Post

As a blog writer, you must remember a strong ending can decide whether you stay or go home. After you’ve done the hard part of delivering the information you want readers to sip through that final takeaway. Therefore, having one will not only enforce what you’ve shared but also inspire them to take action.

A conclusion can be many things like summarizing your key points, offer a challenge, ask readers to share your post, and general feedback. However, from our experience, a conclusion should not be boring or repetitive. In fact, keeping it fresh and exciting can help your readers to come back for more.

Be Your Own Critic

Once you have finished a post, take a break, and come back to it with a fresh approach. Read and recheck for any typos but most importantly take the audience approach. This will not only help you ensure your article flows nicely and logically.