If the company has API documentation then it’s most likely that we will be able to integrate with your existing systems.

Yes, we can do it for you but it depends on your project’s requirements. If fewer resources are required, we can host your project on our managed servers. If you have any specific hosting requirements and intensive resource demands. We can set you up with a dedicated cloud and hosting of your choice.

Yes, we highly endorse that you begin by launching the simplest version of your project and continue to adapt it over time based on user reviews and requirements.

Yes, we offer the option to go in with us on a contractual basis for any support. Should you need a consistent and reliable level of on-going support, you can opt for a quarterly or yearly contract with us.

Various factors contribute to launching a project but an approximate amount of time is usually 2 months for the development of any project. This also depends on the requirements of a project so it could be more or less.

We prefer to follow our own design process to ensure quality and consistency. But if your designs are strong and we feel we can pursue them, we will. If, however, they do not meet our high standards then we recommend we create designs for you.

We create a central database for your web and mobile platforms to hold your data. We use an API to send and receive data between web and mobile platforms.