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Easy CMS Platforms for Website Development
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Planning on starting a website in 2022? Easy CMS Platforms for Website Development – You have plenty of platforms to choose from to build your website in less than an hour. However, with so many options, choosing the right web development platform can be an overwhelming task. But, before you jump into selecting a CMS that will enable you to create a website of your liking, you must do your research to find out a CMS that suits best for the content you want to put up. This will not only help you decide better but also make your website development journey easier. Easy CMS Platforms for Website Development

How to Select Best CMS Platform for Your Website?

Therefore, keeping in mind the latest trends, we’ve compiled a list of top CMS platforms that you can choose for your website. Let’s have a look. Easy CMS Platforms for Website Development

WordPress CMS

wordpress.org being an online open-source platform is one of the most popular website builders and holds a large market share in the development world. WordPress.org has taken a 40% market share of all the websites in the world including custom websites as well as CMS-based websites. Initially, conceived as a blogging platform, WordPress has proved to be far beyond that. Now, a powerful yet simple content management system for E-commerce is undeniably the best CMS Platform to build any kind of website.

Wordpress CMS plateform, cms, website development
WordPress website development – CMS Plateform

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org?

Don’t confuse about WordPress.com vs WordPress.org, These platforms are different or the same? Mostly beginners starting WordPress website design & development They think that both these platforms are similar and got confused about this. Easy CMS Platforms for Website Development

WordPress.org is an open-source website development CMS platform for developing database and code-free websites, the developer using WordPress CMS no need to become a database expert or programmer. You can use this cm for blogging as well as business website development and eCommerce store development.

WordPress.com is a blog platform like blogger.com for online content publishing or sharing your thought and news details. You can use different WordPress themes, WordPress plugin to design your website also you can also customize your website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. You can host your website WordPress.com also you can attach your own domain with wordpress.com.

WordPress.com provides hosting services to host your website they both have free hosting services with a subdomain.wordpress.com like company.worpdress.com  You can also hire a WordPress website developer and WordPress development company all over the world. Easy CMS Platforms for Website Development

WordPress.com Hosting Packages

  • Free WordPress Hosting – Limited version
  • Personal WordPress Hosting – $48/year
  • Premium WordPress Hosting – $69/year
  • Business WordPress Hosting – $300/year
  • eCommerce WordPress Hosting – $540/year
  • VIP WordPress Hosting $5k/year
wordpress website builder, cms, cms plateform
WordPress Website Builder – Responsive Website Design

Key Aspects of WordPress CMS

  • Provides easy to use interface to manage your content.
  • Offers numerous plugins to boost the performance of your website.
  • Secure system for uploading and managing content.
  • Highly Customizable and management options.
  • Cost-effective and cost-efficient solutions.

Joomla CMS

Joomla.org is another popular free open-source CMS platform that has an extensive following alongside WordPress. However, the only downside to it is it may not be as user-friendly as WordPress is. On the upside, offers a lot more options when it comes to content management, multilingual support, and multiple templates. Easy CMS Platforms for Website Development

joomla.org, Joomla website builder, Joomla CMS Plateform
Joomla CMS Platform – Website Builder

Key Aspects

  • Allows easy options to edit and manage your content.
  • Provides remarkable support for custom post types.
  • Offers unique templates for each page you want to design.
  • A good fit for those who have modest experience with development.

Drupal CMS

Drupal.org without any doubt finds a deserving third spot after WordPress Vs Joomla. This open-source platform may not able to the above too but isn’t very far behind. With its flexible custom post dealing system and taxonomy system, Drupal can be considered way more secure than both WordPress and Joomla. Easy CMS Platforms for Website Development

Drupal Website Development, Drupal CMS Platform
Drupal CMS – Website Development

Key Aspects

  • Offers advanced user and content management.
  • Includes support for multilingual sites just like Joomla.
  • Features a taxonomy system to classify your website’s content.
  • Provides top-notch security for any website.

Magento CMS – Easy CMS Platforms for Website Development

Magento Commerce Plateform Fourth on the list, we have another open-source platform for creating feature-packed custom websites. Magento is a great CMS platform for managing an E-commerce website and offers plenty of marketing tools, search engine optimization options, and resources. Magento was built for eCommerce store development, Affiliate Marketing eCommerce website as well as Dropshipping store. However, from a technical point of view, Magento is not so different from WordPress and Joomla.

Magento eCommerce Website, Magento Dropshipping
Magento eCommerce Platform

Key Aspects

  • Offers easy post publishing and content management options.
  • Mainly E-commerce oriented platform.
  • Provides many customization options.
  • It features advanced SEO options.
  • It comes with various marketing and promotional tools.

Serendipity CMS – Easy CMS Platforms for Website Development

Last but not least we have our very own user-friendly, lightweight, and high-performing CMS. Serendipity is great when it comes to functionality and performance. Moreover, due to its dynamic cache settings, any website built on it is reliable, secure, and easy to maintain.

Key Aspects

  • PHP-powered weblog engine for easy maintenance of blogs.
  • Offers extensive plug-ins and themes for added functionality.
  • Ideal for performance-oriented websites.
  • Provides security from potential security issues.

Our Final Thoughts – Easy CMS Platforms for Website Development

As creating a website from scratch is no longer a need unless you really want to take that road, CMS is a great way, to begin with. With this choice, picking a reliable CMS can be quite a task when you have a variety of options but picking out the right one will make your life easier.

Therefore, some of the key features to consider before picking out a CMS are high-level customization, security, functionality. While these are some of the aspects to consider before you pick out a CMS, you should make a decision based on your project requirements.

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