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Corona Virus Safety Tips at the Workplace - Coronavirus disease
Corona Virus Safety Tips at the Workplace

The outbreak of the Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is rapidly creating worry across the world. Since the dawn of this New Year, the deadly virus has spread beyond the shores of China. With this rapid spread, there is a global concern around the world to control further spread of the virus.

We know this is stressful and people should be educated on how they can protect themselves and those around them. Here are some tips for protecting employees and the workplace from spreading the virus.

Coronavirus: Safety Strategies for Employees

Here are some strategies you can follow to prevent the spread of the virus at the workplace:

Allow Sick Workers to Stay at Home

Like most other viruses, corona the virus shows systems of respiratory infection with fever and cough. Employees should inform and stay at home if they start to develop any systems like this. 

If you notice any employee having respiratory systems at the workplace, they should be separated from others and should be diagnosed immediately.

Promote Hand Hygiene at Work 

The virus spreads through the nasal and oral passages, employees need to take care of their hand hygiene. Place posters around your workplace, that demonstrates the correct way of washing your hands for prevention.

Make sure sanitizers and soaps are available at your workplace and also provide tissues to limit the spread. Educate your workers on using tissues and not hands when coughing and sneezing. Make sure to dispose of the tissue used and then washing hands with soap and water.

Perform Routine Cleaning of the Workplace 

Do not forget to clean and disinfect touched surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, desks and doorbells with cleaning agents. 

Ways to Protect Your Workplace from Corona Virus

Discuss Travel Plans with your Employees

Have an open dialogue about travel with employees to check on their travel plans. If the area they are planning to travel to is heavily infected, advise them to postpone the trip.

Your employees need to consider how they can best prevent the spread of this illness and lower its impact. In the workplace, plans should be communicated well to implement the objectives of the prevention. Some of the key considerations are the following:

∙         Reduce transmission among staff by making them more aware. 

∙         Ensure people who are at higher risk are checked regularly.

∙         Maintain business operations while taking care of your staff.

∙         Minimize spread by keeping a regular check on hygiene.