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Campbellboath website and mobile app development - Dccscotland
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  • March 29, 2019
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Campbell Boath are solicitors and real estate agents located in Dundee, Scotland. They are well-known for providing consultation and legal aid for sale and purchase of properties and efficiently walk you through the market evaluation process before you can select the property of your choice. They offer complete property marketing and estate agency services. 

Project Overview

Campbell Boath wanted to promote their business online and attract new customers. They also wanted to share all their services with their clients through an online presence. Campbell Boath approached Dundee Computer Care to help them position an image online and start attracting prospects through their website. So, we set out to build a professional and streamlined website design for Campbell Boath. 

Our Strategy(Research and Groundwork)

Dundee Computer Care worked closely with Campbell Boath to design its website with the goal to improve the user experience of buying and selling properties. Campbell wanted their users to walk through a virtual tour of the properties they see and get easy consultation. They also wanted a significant percentage of mobile/tablet visitors. Dundee Computer care offered a unique visual design with a professional look and more importantly easy to navigate through properties online. We focused on creating a website that reflected Campbell Boath’s business and branding. Additionally, we launched a pay per click campaign for Campbell Boath to get more leads and customer awareness. 

Our Solution

Showcasing the Content Properly

We ensured that the properties and the content were displayed in a well-organized way. Additionally, we wanted Campbell Boath’s information about services to be clearly exhibited, as people would only avail the services if they were aware of it. So, we created two sections of the landing page that manifested Campbell Boath as Solicitors and Real Estate Agents. 

Achieving Desired Functionality

Our solution was focused on adding the desired functionality to the website with the simple to use design. We went for tools that made the website responsive, content, easy navigation, and fast loading. Features that every user looks for in a website. 


The website and mobile application were designed just the way our client wanted and encompassed the desired functionality at it’s best. Our in-depth knowledge of website development and years of experience shows in this website design. The easy to user interface and easy navigation has allowed Campbell Boath to share their services with a wider range of people and undoubtedly boost their business. We are delighted to see their business grow with our high performing website design.