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App Development Scotland.  However With so many devices proliferating in the market, cross platform-application development is emerging. Because Businesses want to boost their productivity by creating applications that are capable of running across multiple platforms. This is why the market is booming with cross-platform application development tools. These frameworks can undoubtedly make life easier for enterprise developers by cutting down costs and time.

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The idea of developing one version of any application through a single workflow has stroked many enterprises and developers, however, cross-platform application frameworks have unquestionably gained popularity as iOS and Android become the most used mobile platforms.

Picking up the right framework for your application is another dilemma, so we are going to look into some top options available. Before we move on to find some categories in 2019, let’s uncover some basics of cross-platform application development. 

App Development Scotland.  What is cross-platform application development?

App Development Scotland.  To begin with, cross-platform application development is a way to develop applications with a capacity of writing one code base and, and then run it anywhere for various platforms. These applications tend to be compatible with more than one system, in this case, iOS and Android.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Development

App Development Scotland.  Here are the advantages that cross-platform development has to put forward.


The development cost is comparatively low as compared to native app development therefore one code base that can run on multiple platforms.

Code Reusability

Hybrid app development allows us to reuse our code on multiple platforms. In addition it’s a cut down on cost and time.

Consistency in UI Components

With cross-platform development, we can have a satisfactory extent of uniformity in the UI for all devices.

Fewer Technical Barriers

Developers prefer cross-platform application development as they run into fewer obstacles when it comes to learning specific programming languages. All they need is to have command on a few and they can develop applications in for multiple platforms.

Shorter Time to Market

Businesses can reach out to their target audience swiftly and easily by developing an app that can be available in many places. So, if you’re thinking of saving some marketing effort, cross-platform development is the solution.

Downsides of Cross-Platform Development

There are some disadvantages to cross-platform application development as well.

Feature Support can be Narrow

The cross-platform framework we choose may have limited support of features and therefore the developer maybe not be able to present the best design possible.

Require Updates

In any case the platforms we are developing for issue any feature update, the development framework has to implement the same update on its side.

Available Tools May Not Be Enough

All tools may not be available within the framework you choose, so there’s a chance you might need to put extra time and effort to make use of native tools to get carry out tasks.

Top 4 cross-platform application development frameworks 2019

Picking up the right cross-platform development framework is essential to build cutting-edge and productive apps in a short duration of time. To help you get started we have looked into the top cross-platform development tools in 2019. So, let’s get started!

React Native

Talking about cross-platform application development, React Native stands as a preferable choice for developers and businesses. Adopting React Native for developing your application should be a no-brainer for you as React Native is beyond doubt the most popular JavaScript-to-native platform and is used to write code that gives away a native-like feel to mobile applications build for various platforms. Let me share some features with you before we move ahead.  


  1. React Native integrates the benefits of JavaScript and React.JS and also allowing developers to write modules in Objective-C, Swift, or Java languages.
  2. Another advantage of using React Native is that it is an open-source cross-platform application framework, therefore, improvising and fixing bugs can be done by large community support.
  3. React Native is highly compatible with third-party plugins as well, for instance, Google Maps.
  4. If you’re thinking about good user experience and user interface, then React Native doesn’t hold back to deliver a smooth and responsive interface.

Adobe Phone Gap

PhoneGap is another best open-source cross-platform framework 2019, that goes for free. Software developers who want to create applications in CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 can opt for this mature solution, that has many ready plugins like GPS, Camera, Phonebook, Storage and so on.  Phone Gap comes with a cloud solution for developers to share the app development process with other developers for feedback.


  1. By using PhoneGap, you can build a native application similar to an embedded web browser and a single-page HTML.
  2. It allows you to develop apps with a single codebase for platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows.
  3. Phone Gap architect also supports many plug-ins.


Xamarin cross-platform tool can boost to achieve performance corresponding to native apps. With Xamarin you can build apps for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows, using one codebase.

The best part about using Xamarin is that apps built on it look much like native apps. As it uses native interfaces as required by the user. Also, it allows you to accelerate the process of cross-platform development. By providing a single code base for testing applications on multiple devices using the Xamarin cloud.


  1. The apps developed in Xamarin are built in C#.
  2. With its humungous collection of libraries, it reduces the time and cost of mobile app development.
  3. Xamarin offers a good compile-time checking that allows fewer run time errors.
  4. The user-interface is impeccable in Xamarin to design a native-like app.


This new cross-platform application development tool is recently released by Google to build modern applications faster and easier. This is an ideal cross-platform tool for developing apps are uniform and dynamic.

Flutter uses Dart programming, which is similar to Java and JavaScript. The framework offers flexible 3rd party SDKs, APIs for 2D and animations. Here are some remarkable features it offers.


  1. This framework allows you to render the power of UI and UX, allowing you to work with the latest interfaces available.
  2. Flutter is very cost-efficient as well and an ideal choice among developers.
  3. This framework possesses a reactive framework that means that the developers only need to change the variable to see a change in the UI.App Development Scotlan